Dentures and Partials

dentures and partialsAs patients lose teeth, their nutrition can suffer, putting their overall health at risk. That is why the appropriate solution is incredibly important. Olga Frey, DMD, has a comprehensive understanding of occlusion (bite) and the skills necessary to create functional and comfortable full dentures and partial dentures.

Dentures that feel comfortable and stay where they belong can provide patients with added self-confidence in social situations, as well, helping them avoid embarrassing dental mishaps while talking or eating. Dentures with increased mobility can be stabilized with mini-implants.

Custom Partial Dentures

When a patient is partially edentulous (missing their teeth) on their upper or lower arch, a partial denture can provide an economical and practical solution. Partial dentures utilize existing natural teeth to help anchor the partial and provide stability. Dr. Frey offers flexible or metal frame dentures for the convenience of her patients. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages of flexible frame dentures include:

  • Comfort
  • Less prep work to teeth
  • Biocompatibility
  • No visible clasping

Advantages of metal frame dentures include:

  • Durability
  • Less discoloration
  • Remains the standard for long-term treatment

Denture teeth look more natural and realistic than ever. Providing aesthetics as well as function is important so that our patients can have confidence when they eat and smile. Today's partial dentures blend in with surrounding natural teeth and create an attractive, seamless appearance.

Full (Complete) Dentures 

We recommend complete dentures for our patients who are completely edentulous on the upper or lower arch. The creation of complete dentures requires precise skill and experience on the part of the dentist and can be a complex procedure. Olga Frey, DMD, has over thirty years of experience in dentistry and creates fully functional and aesthetic dentures to improve health and quality of life for our patients. 

Complete dentures usually have a pink, gum-colored resin base that holds realistic, natural-looking denture teeth. Dr. Frey will work with our patients to determine the appearance of dentures so our patients can feel confident about the appearance of their smiles. 

Denture Care and Treatment

When patients have complete dentures, they still need periodic oral evaluations to inspect the condition of their dentures and to have a life-saving oral cancer screening. If dentures sustain damage, it is important to contact our East Providence, RI dental office for an evaluation so that we can restore the comfort and function of the denture.

To avoid damage, use only cleaners specifically recommended for denture care and avoid using any abrasive cleansers that can scratch the surface of dentures and allow bacteria to collect. Soak dentures overnight and rinse them prior to use. Clean your mouth after eating and brush your dentures twice daily to keep them bacteria-free and smelling fresh. 

When putting in and removing dentures, be careful not to drop them. Most denture damage comes from fractures due to dropped dentures. Do not use hot water because hot water can cause dentures to distort and no longer fit properly. If your dentures become loose, contact our office for an appointment.

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