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How can I improve my smile?

The best way for patients to improve the appearance of their smiles is to start with a healthy foundation. Dr. Olga Frey provides a full evaluation for her patients to uncover any hidden dental conditions that may interfere with patients’ desires to have cosmetic procedures. Once she determines that the patient’s teeth and gums are completely healthy, she can provide a cosmetic dental treatment plan that addresses the patient’s aesthetic concerns.

Some of the cosmetic procedures she offers include:

Professional teeth whitening – A custom professional take-home whitening system can improve the patient’s tooth color by several shades with two to three weeks of use. Dr. Frey will discuss whitening time as well as frequency to help her patients achieve the brightest smile while avoiding common side effects.

Cosmetic dental bonding – Cosmetic bonding is an economical and non-invasive treatment that fixes minor flaws in a patient’s smile, such as gaps, chips, misshapen, or damaged teeth.

Porcelain crowns – Dental crowns provide stability and can improve the appearance of patients’ smiles by covering worn or damaged teeth.

Porcelain veneers – Porcelain veneers are the gold standard for patients wishing to make dramatic changes to their smiles. Veneers cover the patient’s natural teeth and can address aesthetic conditions such as short or worn teeth, deeply stained teeth, and misaligned teeth.


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